Renewable energies

Fields of competence of MK solutions & consulting.

Core competencies
Renewable energies

Our focus in the area of expertise of renewable energies.

Project development

To guarantee the commercial efficiency of your investment, it is necessary that the dimensions of the project are accurately calculated and the operation is secured. Based on our own wealth of experience, we offer assistance and guidance in renewable energy projects. If you are considering investing in wind or solar utilization, choosing a suitable site (land selection) is critical to success. From the beginning, it is important to identify the different conditions that could affect the cost of the project.

Site conditions influence the choice of size and model of each power generation facility. Once the decision for a location has been made, MK solutions & consulting immediately seeks contact with the relevant authorities to ensure smooth project planning.

A broad knowledge of natural resources is needed to analyze energy production and project viability. This knowledge is based on detailed measurements in the area where the plant is to be built. The more detailed the documentation on which the decision is based, the easier it is to reduce the risks of the investment, determine the rate of return and provide stable energy production for at least 20 years.

Some parameters that must be considered from the beginning:

  • Local guidelines
  • Product standards
  • Permits and designs
  • Risks due to the influence of weather
  • Infrastructure and accessibility
  • Hardware selection

Area selection

Based on many years of experience and an efficient property management, MK solutions & consulting selects areas which are suitable for either wind power or photovoltaics, depending on your wishes. We devote a great deal of attention to this area selection, because this is where the most important success parameters are already determined.

Land Lease Agreements

We conduct full negotiations with the property owners and their authorized representatives regarding the site areas, as well as any required distance and compensation areas. The Land Lease Agreements we use have been tried and tested over many years and leave room for individual adjustments.

Experienced lawyers and notaries check the contractual feasibility during the entire negotiation phase and guarantee that any special wishes of the negotiating partners are taken into account.

Public law permits

Public-law permits are processed with the same commitment as private-law usage rights.

In order to harmonize the project to be realized with public concerns in the best possible way, MK solutions & consulting attaches particular importance to transparency, planning depth and personal contact with the decision-makers.

Grid connection

Energy supply companies are basically required by law to take the electrical energy generated by wind turbines or photovoltaic systems into the public power supply network.

However, the implementation also regularly places demands on the potential operator or project developer of plants that serve to generate electricity from renewable energies.

We gladly accept this challenge and bring your project successfully online.

Approval procedure

The construction of renewable energy plants is bound to the consideration and compliance with numerous legal regulations and requirements.

Extensive procedures must be successfully completed before construction and operating permits can be issued.

Here MK solutions & consulting takes a top position.

Site management

The installation of the wind power and/or photovoltaic system is carried out by specialized installation teams, usually by the system manufacturer itself.

Here, it has proven its worth that MK solutions & consulting takes over the construction management as a central contact and coordinates and optimally aligns all trades, manufacturers, involved property owners and public interests.

Only if all key points work together optimally, the result will meet our standards and provide our customers with many years of investment pleasure.

Potentialprüfung für Ihre Freifläche

Wir prüfen kostenfrei und unverbindlich, ob sich Ihre Freifläche für den Betrieb eines modernen Solar- oder Windparks eignet und mit welchem Leistungsertrag / Pachteinnahmen Sie rechnen können.