Renewable energies

Open space photovoltaic and wind power plants for landowners.

Your contribution to the energy transition is valuable

Sun and wind are among the most important renewable energy sources for achieving the goals of our energy transition. An energy supply that is clean, affordable and secure.

Good for our future. Good for your rent!

With open spaces for the operation of solar and wind farms, you as a landowner make a significant contribution to the achievement of the energy transition and secure long-term and plannable attractive lease income, without investment, risk or time expenditure.

MK solutions & consulting realizes modern solar and wind parks since 2008. Since we are not bound to any manufacturer, the focus of our service is the best possible result for the customer.

Taking into account the runtime, partial land use and environmental conditions, we project your customized, highly efficient solar or wind power plant on open spaces, e.g. green or arable land.

MK solutions & consulting looks back on an above-average success rate for the realization of photovoltaic and wind power plants. It may come as a surprise, but this is by no means a matter of course.

The construction and grid connection of ground-mounted systems is subject to a large number of mandatory requirements. These include technical and economic framework conditions, requirements of the local energy supply companies and orders of public law.

MK solutions & consulting feels obliged to ensure the best possible framework conditions for a smooth and timely installation of solar and wind power plants.

Already in the run-up to a project agreement, we also check whether there are possible conflicts of interest that could impede smooth project implementation. If necessary, we sit down at the proverbial round table and mediate between citizen interest groups, municipal decision-makers, owner companies and tenants.

With commitment, experience and interdisciplinary expertise, MK solutions & consulting has been ensuring the smooth and timely realization of ground-mounted photovoltaic and wind power plants since 2008.

Solar and wind power plants from the renewable energy specialist

Customer benefits

From one source

We are your personal, motivated and reliable contact from planning to commissioning.

High success rate

We proactively identify and solve problems that could jeopardize project implementation. Instead of going through the motions, we stay on the ball until every obstacle is removed.

Optimal yields

Unbound from manufacturers, we realize solar and wind power plants that optimally cover your needs and guarantee optimal yields.

Prompt commissioning

With commitment, experience and interdisciplinary expertise, we ensure the smooth and timely construction and commissioning of solar and wind parks.

No risks, no costs

Ground-mounted photovoltaic and wind power plants are highly complex systems. From planning to dismantling the plant, our customers incur no investment, operating or administrative costs.

We would be happy to advise you personally on all aspects of a solar or wind farm on your open space.

Realization of a solar or wind park until commissioning

Project procedure

Potential analysis

Request a potential analysis for your open space(s) without obligation. Based on various criteria, we determine whether the construction of a solar or wind farm is feasible, both technically and economically.

Just use the inquiry form or contact us by phone.

If you have already received a written initial information from MK solutions & consulting, the potential analysis has already taken place.


In a non-binding consultation, we will present the advantages of a solar or wind power plant on your open space.

We check the requirements to be met for plant operation in advance of our consultation.

Arrange your on-site consultation appointment.


Individually tailored to your needs, our specialists will work out an optimal yield solution for leasing your area and prepare a non-binding offer.

Project start

Your project begins with the initiation of all necessary approval procedures. For example, development, species protection, building permits.

We will inform you in due time about the status of the approvals.


The construction of the solar or wind park and subsequent commissioning is carried out by us.

The realization period is usually 18 months, beginning with the awarding of the contract.

We are looking forward to your contact

Information & Advice

Your request

With solar and wind energy, you are choosing a clean future and attractive lease income. Let’s talk to each other.

Send us your inquiry, or contact us by phone at:

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Potentialprüfung für Ihre Freifläche

Wir prüfen kostenfrei und unverbindlich, ob sich Ihre Freifläche für den Betrieb eines modernen Solar- oder Windparks eignet und mit welchem Leistungsertrag / Pachteinnahmen Sie rechnen können.