Renewable energies


Competence for Yield & Energy

Before the project is after the project. As a specialist, we are also available to you with our expertise outside the realization of solar and wind power plants.

Yield optimizations

Improvement of the yield situation of your wind farm or your individual wind turbine based on mechanical, aerodynamic and control optimization, as well as improvement of the energy input into the public energy grid.

Value analysis

of existing wind turbines

Valuation of operating or decommissioned wind turbines and wind farms for the purpose of purchase, recommissioning or determination of residual value.

Project Purchasing

at all stages

Regardless of the progress, MK solutions & consulting confidently reviews your project based on your wishes. After submitting a reasonable purchase offer, we will, subject to your consent, successfully implement your renewable energy project.

Problem solving

for projects in danger of being realized

If for any reason your project is stalled or possibly in danger of being realized, you should definitely get to know MK solutions & consulting. With our transparent and super-mandatory way of working, the great experience in solving problems and last but not least our project team, which is focused on success, even the most challenging tasks are very likely to be mastered successfully.


Wind turbines are generally designed for a lifespan of about 20 years.

Due to the rapid technological development in recent years, it is often economically justifiable to replace one or more old, small wind turbines with new, larger wind turbines, even before the end of their technical lifespan.

In Germany, there are financial incentives for repowering such wind turbines through the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). In addition to the financial benefits, repowering offers the possibility of generating more energy with fewer new wind turbines than with the previously existing wind turbines. Double the energy yield with half the number of turbines is a common rule of thumb and a fundamental goal of repowering.

Individual sites can be combined into wind farms during repowering and planning errors from the pioneering years of wind energy use (e.g., too little distance from residential development) can be corrected. However, updated requirements and laws sometimes play a decisive role in repowering.

In the meantime, an international used equipment market has developed for the old equipment that can still be used.

Potentialprüfung für Ihre Freifläche

Wir prüfen kostenfrei und unverbindlich, ob sich Ihre Freifläche für den Betrieb eines modernen Solar- oder Windparks eignet und mit welchem Leistungsertrag / Pachteinnahmen Sie rechnen können.