15 DEC. 2021


As a specialist for planning and project management of solar and wind power plants, MK solutions & consulting has won Stadtwerke Trier as a cooperation partner for the realization and operation of a ground-mounted photovoltaic plant in Roth near Prüm.

The local community of Roth, which belongs to the municipality of Prüm, has the opportunity to build a modern solar park with a total output of up to 20 megawatts peak (MWp).

The examination of technical and legal framework conditions, taking into account the municipal criteria catalog as well as economic interests, was already successfully completed in advance by MK solutions & consulting.

In close cooperation with the regional energy supplier, Stadtwerke Trier, MK solutions & consulting accompanies the entire project up to the construction and commissioning of the solar park, thus ensuring a high success rate and timely implementation.

The project conception of the open space photovoltaic plant in Roth near Prüm, prepared by MK solutions & consulting, is characterized in particular by an optimal selection of areas:

  • Consideration of municipally owned land
  • value-added development in grassland
  • Maximum energy yield due to short line routes directly into the transformer station
  • Possibility of green hydrogen production

The operation of the plant on, among other things, municipal land, as well as a plant size of 13 to 20 MWp that can be adapted and expanded to meet the needs of the municipality, underline the high attractiveness of alternative energy generation by means of solar power in Roth near Prüm.